Faliero Sarti

A luxury accessories label set up by Monica Sarti in 1991. The accessories label follows the success of Monica Sarti’s family business and boasts a collection of high end signature designs that bring statement appeal to almost any ensemble. Each Faliero Sarti scarf is finely woven and hand finished for a distinctively one of a kind look with a timeless design that is sure to make the scarf a go-to accessory for countless of years to come. The unique aesthetic of scarves in the collection has earned Faliero Sarti a reputation of providing the most luxurious scarves available in the world. Famous and iconic designs include the Faliero Sarti's money scarf. Scarves from the label are crafted from a variety of different textiles and the specific textile chosen is dependent on the design of the scarf and the draping of the scarf. Scarf materials include luxurious silks and wools and the finest cashmeres. Some scarf textiles even come direct from the Faliero Sarti mill. The family-run mill has been providing exquisite and high end textiles to fashion houses such as Vivienne Westwood and Giorgio Armani for over sixty years and the brand’s commitment to quality textiles and distinctive designs remains evident in the accessories label today. Quality and craftsmanship are key to every scarf the brand create. In stunningly rich earthy hues, a Faliero scarf is perfect for effortless everyday wear and look great draped over everything from loose-fit tees to smart fitted blazers. Take a browse at the beautiful selection of Faliero Sarti scarves available now from Square One or come in-store for a unique and personal shopping experience. With identifiable designs such as the Faliero Sarti money scarf, a Faliero Sarti scarf is a must-have for any avid fashion follower.
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